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Weight Training

From dumbbells to kettlebells, Nerd of Fitness has the weights you need, at the price you can afford.

Women gaining muscle

Special Picks

Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights Set Great for Full Body Workout and Strength Training

Customize your weights with your logo! Plates, Dumbbels & Kettlebells!

Competition Kettlebells All Weight Available!
70 Pound Vinyl Kettlebell Package with Rack
Men’s Health Gear of the Year Award for 2020!
Hyperwear Pro Weighted Vest

Body-Solid Tools Grip Trainers available in 100lb,150lb.and 200lb.grips
Direct From The Dealer $204.95 !
Original Foam Roller System: deck, foam roller system and cushion

Yoga Stuff

Yoga is essential for good, all around fitness. Stretching, toning & strengthening the body – Yoga is a tremendous workout.

Monthly Spotlight We Will Spotlight Different Products Or A Brand Each Month

This Month The Human Trainer & Ripcords Home Fitness Solutions!

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Stay tuned for more products, even original & free stuff

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